shoes for hairdressers

Best Cosmetology Shoes and Shoes for Hairdressers

A cosmetologist is a very interesting and noble profession. Cosmetologists are here to make people look and feel better. In other words, they are here to get the best from every individual when it comes to the looks. However, being a cosmetologist can be very stressful for your body. This is not some kind of […]

nike shoes for zumba

Best Nike Shoes for Zumba

Zumba is a fitness class in which a group of students follows Latin dance steps and popular world music for fitness purposes. This is a very popular fitness activity which is especially popular among women. Being involved in zumba classes doesn’t require some special equipment at least not when it comes to clothing. The only […]

best shoes for waitresses

Best Waitress Shoes for Women: Comfortable and Fashionable

The fact that the job of a waitress demands constant motion all day is not debatable. They are expected to attend to customers in a very fast-paced environment while on their feet all day, doing all this on different kinds of floor surfaces. The majority of restaurants and fast food businesses, will have a sort […]

farm ranch boots

Best Farm Work Boots for Safe Work

There is no doubt that farm work is a demanding type of work that requires the use of special clothing. If you are involved in such work, then you must consider the type of footwear you are using. There are specially designed farm work boots that have proven to be durable and practical. Of course, […]

Best Casino Shoes for Card Dealers

Being a casino dealer is a very exciting and interesting job, but it can turn into a very painful and uncomfortable job in case you are not wearing the right pair of shoes. The fact is that casino dealers need to stay on their feet for a long period of time and that’s why they […]

best shoes for trade shows

Best Shoes For Trade Shows

It doesn’t really matter whether you are in a role of a buyer, exhibitor or salesperson, in case you are often part of conventions and trade shows you will spend a lot of time walking and standing. Every person that was active during a trade show for the first time remembers the pain in the […]

best new balance shoes for plantar fasciitis

Best New Balance Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Aching and painful heels, arches and forefeet are feelings that are not uncommon to modern men and women. Many of them also experience unusual pain in the feet right after they get up from the bed. If you are experiencing all these symptoms then you are probably dealing with plantar fasciitis. This is a condition […]

Dr. Zen Lori Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Shoes

6 Best Diabetic Sandals – Men, Women

The diabetic feet are extra sensitive to warmth, wound and abrasion from outdoor particles; therefore, the diabetic sandals are designed to protect your feet. It is difficult to heal a wound of a diabetic patient because of the slower rate of recovery. These types of shoes and sandals are much taller as compared to the […]


Best Shoes for Male Nurses: How to Choose and Which to Select

Just as any other professional workers, male nurses need to have good footwear that would support their feet and be comfortable. So here you will find the best nursing shoes for men. As male nurses work as hard as females, they need good shoes to minimize their feet pain at the end of the day. The […]


10 Best Running Shoes for High Arches – Men, Women

At whatever a.m. your alarm clock rings, you should be up and running all day long or for a decent part of the day for sure. Most occupations nowadays include running, either a morning sprint to office or a steeplechase at the hospital, restaurant, kindergarten or sports club. Even if you are self-employed and work […]