boot toe protector

The Importance of a Boot Toe Protector

If you’re a hardworking man or woman with a physically demanding job, you know how vital good work boots are. Since you spend an equitable amount of time on your feet, a good pair of work boots not only protects your toes but also, protect you from exposed nails, slippery floors, electrical charges and critical […]

army boots cheap

Best Men’s Black Combat Boots

In the past, the only purpose for wearing boots was to keep the feet protected while providing certain level of comfort. After a while, people started to consider boots as part of their fashion statements. Modern boots are made of different materials, they include different features and have different designs. Military or combat boots are […]

Steel Shank Work Boots

Steel Shank: What is it and Why you should use it

Many times customers walk into shoes stores or even contact their shoe suppliers, knowing that they need to buy protective steel toe boots for work, featuring something called a steel shank. Normally, they have not the slightest idea what a steel shank is and that is very much understandable. However, knowing everything about these safe […]

steel toe rain boots

Popular Steel Toe Rain Boots

Rain boots are type of footwear that has been present on the market for a very long time. This is a very useful type of boot because it provides waterproof protection for the feet. In some cases rain boots come in the form of an overshoe which can be placed on our existing boot. Quality […]

discount steel toe boots

Finding discount Steel Toe Boots

Steel toe boots need to be perfect. We usually use these boots because we need to work or be active on rough terrain, different type of weather or we simply need extra protection because of the environment. In addition, steel toe boots must be comfortable and durable. If you have already done some basic research […]

Steel Toe Engineer Boots

Steel Toe Engineer Boots – original, classy and safe

Boots are a type of footwear that covers the foot to the ankles or rises to the knees or goes even to the hip. Their main purpose is to protect the health of our feet and legs from objects on the ground. Today they also serve as a fashion accessory. There are a lot of […]

steel toe tactical boots

Few Things about Steel Toe Tactical Boots

Steel toe tactical boots can be found in many colors, sizes and types. They are used by professionals and people who want better protection while performing recreational activities. Choosing steel toe tactical boots should based on the person’s personal preferences. There are several things that determine whether a boot can be categorized as steel toe […]

steel toe boots for kids

Work Boots for Kids: Steel Toe or Non-Steel Toe

Kids Steel toe boots first came into existence to protect the feet of the wearer from potential injury associated with hazardous activities. From work to outdoor activities like extreme sports, hiking, gardening and so on, kids steel toe boots are a necessity. In fact, internationally, the use of steel boots is now a statutory requirement […]

Steel Toe Slippers – keep your feet safe even when you are at home

As the name suggests, slippers are type of footwear that is literally slipped onto the foot. They were first used in Europe in the 15th century and in Asia in the 12th century. Of course, noblemen were the ones that started this “fashion” but soon after them almost everyone else realized how useful this footwear […]

Ariat work boots

Top 3 best Ariat Work Boots

Many people choose Ariat work boots not only for their excellent performance at any type of environment but also for their beautiful looks. Most Ariat work boots have steel toed cap which is quite natural because we are talking about work boots. This addition in boots is becoming a standard when it comes to safety […]