10 Best Running Shoes for High Arches – Men, Women

At whatever a.m. your alarm clock rings, you should be up and running all day long or for a decent part of the day for sure. Most occupations nowadays include running, either a morning sprint to office or a steeplechase at the hospital, restaurant, kindergarten or sports club. Even if you are self-employed and work at home, a little jogging happens, doesn’t it?

It’s quite easy for people with normal or medium arch to pick right shoes – they just select the ones that suit their budget. When it comes to lucky owners of high arch, shoes for everyday occasions are problematic still possible to find.

There are no two identical persons, but still many people worldwide, both men and women, share the least common foot type, namely high arch or cavus foot.

Closer Look at Foot Features

Let’s try an amusing, still effective wet foot test to see your foot type with your own eyes. It will take you a minute or two. Wet your foot with warm water and press it tightly to the paper surface. Wait for about a second and see the results.

  1. The footprint with normal arch offers an ideal picture where forefoot and the heel are joined by quite a wide band. It is the most common foot type.
  2. If you see no gentle relief between the tiptoe area and your heel, you have flat or low arch type.
  3. And, finally, if your heel and forefoot are connected with a barely noticed thin band, you have high arch. Running shoes for this type are specially designed for convenient and healthy movements.

Purchase Running Shoes for High Arches Smart

No shoes are ideal, still it is possible to find and select the most optimal solution even for the most challenging foot type. Below here are some practical recommendations if you are looking for correct footwear to suit your high arch:

  • purchase running shoes in professional sport stores both online and regular
  • ask for seller’s consultation and advice
  • bring your old shoes as an example
  • your shoes need an additional bump in the midfoot in order to absorb walking or standing shock
  • flexible running shoes will suit the best to re-measure your feet while walking or running
  • the key words in footwear description should be ‘cushioned’ or ‘flexible’
  • do not pick the cheapest pair of running shoes but give preference to trusted and professional brands
  • avoid footwear for other foot types as well as barefoot running shoes
  • in any case ask if your purchase is under return policy

Best Running Shoes for High Arches for Women

Depending on how serious the problem with your arch is, if you have diabetes or other health related problems, you require a special type of footwear. It’s hard to say for sure who runs the most – women or men. Still ladies come first, so check the top sellers and female shoe leaders according to numerous customers’ reviews.

Professionals recommend the following Running Shoes for High Arches for Women:

Saucony Triumph 11Saucony Mens Triumph 11$62.98 - $140.00
Brooks Ghost 7Mens Brooks Ghost 7$88.05 - $154.95
ASICS GEL-Kinsei 5ASICS GEL-Kinsei 5 Mens$139.95 - $200.00
New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking ShoeNew Balance Mens MW928 Walking Shoe$124.95 - $135.00
ORTHAHEEL Men’s WalkerORTHAHEEL Mens Walker$54.99 - $99.95

  1. Saucony Women’s Triumph 10

This model has passed a special ‘road test’ with the highest grades. US sportswear and goods manufacturer Saucony is famous world-wide and offers a variety of professionally designed footwear for high arch.

Model Description:

  • specially designed for ladies with high arch who require extra cushioning
  • breathable upper
  • quality supportive overlays
  • thanks to the unique Sauc-Fit fit system the mid-foot is locked over the midsole, the heel is kept securely in place at the same time
  • excellent supination
  • bunions care

  1. Brooks Ghost 7

Brooks Ghost 7 is a beloved model according to sports magazines’ and editors’ reviews. Brooks Sports, Inc. is one of the US manufacturers who deal with running shoes.

Model Description:

  • the lightest among other Brooks Ghost models
  • recommended even for diabetics
  • well-balanced cushioning
  • high casual durability
  • great supination
  • excellent bunions care

  1. ASICS GEL-Kinsei 5

Japanese sports footwear and accessories company ASICS is a brand of top quality. However, it sticks to a rather high pricing policy.

Model Description:

  • recommended for women with mild high arch problems
  • gel padding provides comfortable wearing and long service
  • good cushioning
  • mild supination
  • cozy fit
  • unique landing experience

  1. New Balance Women’s WW928

Being the American leader of professional athletic footwear, ‘New Balance’ has firmly established itself as market front-runner.

Model Description:

  • good for all standing/walking professions
  • improved design
  • approved for diabetes by Diabetic Medicare Code
  • flat feet overpronation
  • excellent stability and motion-control
  • patented technology for midfoot cushioning
  • odor-resistant treatment
  • great bunions care

  1. Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Model Description:

  • leather upper for a soft and comfortable feel
  • manmade sole
  • excellent shock absorption
  • energy-returning midsole cushioning
  • slip-resistant outsole
  • excellent support of low arches
  • good bunions care

However, even the best running shoe for high arches does not match an evening dress or formal style, so shoes with high heels also take a decent part in every lady’s wardrobe. Actually this type of shoes is the only one to match high arch perfectly as it repeats the foot’s shape. The problem lies in the height of the heels. If it is more than 3 cm, additional pressure in the ball of the foot occurs. That’s why be advised to give preference to more supportive shoes or not so high heels. If you shift from casual footwear to the evening one, try a little calf massage for better blood circulation in order to reduce the effect of ‘tired legs’.

Best Running Shoes for High Arches for Men

The only shopping any man can stand is the one when he is looking for an ideal pair of running shoes. Indeed, it can take much longer than any other purchase, still this choice is always profound and careful. Check the top sellers among running shoes for men with high arch foot type.

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  1. Saucony Triumph 11

Model details:

  • belongs to road footwear type
  • guarantees soft lending
  • splendid heel and forefoot cushioning
  • less heel height provides easier midfoot strike
  • excellent durability
  • good arch support

  1. Brooks Ghost 7

Model details:

  • excellent choice for people with diabetes and overweight runners
  • lightweight model version
  • great heel cushioning
  • very quiet on pavement
  • excellent arch support

  1. ASICS GEL-Kinsei 5

Model details:

  • smart solution for mild problems with high arch
  • good arch support
  • flexibility
  • remarkable cushioning due to Asics GEL Cushioning system
  • a bit heavier model in comparison to the previous ones
  • sufficient shock absorption

  1. New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe

Model details:

  • belongs to motion control type
  • odor-resistant
  • more effective cushioning due to AbzorbSBS technology
  • superior arch support
  • good bunions care
  • excellent durability and comfort

  1. ORTHAHEEL Men’s Walker

Model details:

  • created for maximum feet comfort
  • thanks to Orthaheel motion controlling features it guarantees splendid arch support
  • water-resistant upper
  • increased foot stability
  • anti-bacterial top cloth for foot odor control
  • high foot flexibility due to Tri-Planar motion control feature

The modern shoe market offers a large number of shoes for high arches both for women and men to suit any road you walk, work you are doing and budget. Just spend some time on little research and enjoy painless and healthy walking or running.

High Arches Problem: What Doctors Say

High arches cases are rarer than flat feet ones and are caused by neurological or orthopedic conditions. Unfortunately, high arch may cause disability with time. Symptoms that include difficulty when fitting footwear as well as pain while standing and walking should be discussed with your doctor. He/she will decide if additional tests are required like MRI of the spine and feet X-ray.

Still all doctors agree that flexible high arch cases do not require special treatment if you care about your feet well and wear correct shoes. The best shoes for high arches presented above meet all the recommendations and match any taste and pocket. Just choose the best ones for you and enjoy your everyday activities.




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