6 Best Diabetic Sandals – Men, Women

The diabetic feet are extra sensitive to warmth, wound and abrasion from outdoor particles; therefore, the diabetic sandals are designed to protect your feet. It is difficult to heal a wound of a diabetic patient because of the slower rate of recovery. These types of shoes and sandals are much taller as compared to the ordinary orthopedic flip-flops. These are comfortable to wear and can protect your foot. The shoes are perfect for the people with serious food ulcers are strongly recommended choosing one of the best diabetic shoes. It is a common problem among diabetic patients that they lose the natural sensation of their feet and can’t feel the fitting of shoes. The muscles of their feet become weak due to diabetes, and they find it difficult to fit a pair of shoes properly.

Numerous choices of the best diabetic shoes are available for both men and women suffering from diabetes:

Best shoes for diabetics – Men

If you are suffering from diabetes and the doctor recommends you to wear diabetics’ sandals and shoes, it doesn’t mean that you are unable to follow style. Numerous stylish shoes are designed for diabetic patients. If you want to buy shoes with diabetes, below given tips will help you to buy:

  • The size of the feet may change with the period, so measure your feet on a periodic basis.
  • The heart and kidney patients may haveswelledfeet throughout the day,if you are heart or kidney patient, consider swelling of thefoot while buying shoes.
  • Wear your socks while analyzing the fitting of shoes.
  • Be careful about the distance between the toe and the tip of the shoe because it should be a ½ inch of the width of your thumb to get sufficient space for your foot.

3 Best Diabetic Shoes for Men

Propet Men’s M0095B Cronus Sneaker

Propet Men’s M0095B Cronus SneakerPropet shoes are comfortable walking shoes because these are particularly designed for the diabetic patients.

  • Detachable insolewith suds that can absorb shock
  • Enhanced arch support
  • Air-based and venting to avertmoist and odor
  • Soft neoprene tops and lining

Mens Extra Extra Wide Slippers – Swollen Feet – Diabetic

Mens Extra Extra Wide Slippers - Swollen Feet - DiabeticThe extra wide slippers made by VELCRO are perfect to provide supportto swollen feet andankles. These are extremely comfortable for elderly people with corns, hammertoes, edema, diabetes and podiatry foot harms. If you have arthritis and adroitness, try these slippers because their width is adjustable according to your feet.

  • Woven slippers
  • Perfect for swollen feet
  • Ideal for arthritis
  • Memory foam insoles and sterile
  • Resistance against skin
  • Easily adjustable to the width of foot

Dr. Comfort Mens FISHERMAN Chestnut Diabetic Sandal

Dr. Comfort Mens FISHERMAN Chestnut Diabetic SandalThe frivolous and outdoor sandal is constructed with a Velcro strap on the either sides. The airy allows proper breathing of feet and gives a cooling and comfortable feel to your feet. It is equally great for both indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Padded heel and tongue to decrease irritation
  • Compact heel counter for additional support
  • Protective toe-box to avoid foot injury

3 Best Diabetic Sandals for Women

You want to buy the best shoes for diabetics for women, try given below designs work well with formal and casual attires:

Dr. Zen Lori Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic Shoes

Dr. Zen Lori Women’s Therapeutic Diabetic ShoesThe shoes are designed with extra depth and leather laces for the diabetic women. There are 2 detachable inserts to entertain 3 different widths.

  • Design with high quality, but lightweight material
  • Seamless design with Achilles ligament support
  • Rocker soles and Thomas heel
  • Reinforced counter with the triple width system

Womens Extra Extra Wide Width Adaptive Slippers – Diabetic

Womens Extra Extra Wide Width Adaptive Slippers - DiabeticThe slippers are designed for the most inflamed feet and ankles to provide a comfortable support for your feet. The arthritis patients should have these shoes.

  • Memory foam insoles and antiseptic
  • Perfect for every width of foot
  • Resistance for skid

Dr. Comfort Women’s Flute Lycra Stretchable Diabetic Mary Jane Shoes

Dr. Comfort Women's Flute Lycra Stretchable Diabetic Mary Jane ShoesThe shoe is a perfect blend of beauty, style, and comfort, and these are ideally designed for the diabetic women. You can adjust the shoe according to your comfort level.

  • Moisture absorbing leather
  • Protective toe box
  • Heel counteracts and padded collar and tongue
  • Nonskid outsole


If you are suffering from diabetes, it is important to buy diabetic shoes to protect your feet from moisture and lots of foot ulcers. Pick one of the best diabetic shoes for your regular and formal use for the protection of unnecessary wounds.




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