Best Cosmetology Shoes and Shoes for Hairdressers

A cosmetologist is a very interesting and noble profession. Cosmetologists are here to make people look and feel better. In other words, they are here to get the best from every individual when it comes to the looks. However, being a cosmetologist can be very stressful for your body. This is not some kind of hobby, but a serious job that can affect every body part especially your feet. Although the clients will probably sit or lie down when you are doing your job, you will spend most of the day standing.
If you decide to wear your regular shoes, you increase the risk of many serious health conditions like foot pain, plantar fasciitis, arch pain etc. However, if you wear shoes that were designed to provide extra support and comfort for cosmetologists, you can keep working as much as you want without worrying about the health of your feet or about fatigue and pain. Shoes for hairdressers, shoes for hairstylists and cosmetology shoes share the same characteristics, so the models we will present in this article are suitable for each profession.

Best Shoes for Hairstylists


cosmetology shoesIn case you didn’t know, Alvar Aalto is a very popular designer from Finland. What makes his work special is the fact that he is focused on minimalistic design and he is trying to establish balance between clothing and nature. This pair of boots is made from high-quality leather. The leather uppers will help you get more beautiful appearance and provide some comfort. They feature ULTIMATE INSOLES technology that allows custom fit for any type of feet and adequate heel support. This is very important because the heels are part of the foot that suffers the most when you work as a cosmetologist. Another interesting thing about them is the HEELHUGR technology that brings completely natural cushioning for prolonged comfort. This comfort is further enhanced with the help of KURUSOLE technology. They are ideal for professionals who work for 8 or even more hours a day and spend most of their working hours standing. Thanks to Aalto Chukka Boot you can rest assured that your feet won’t hurt you in the evening. They also keep the freshness in your feet despite the long working hours.

Chicane Women’s Active Walking Shoes

shoes for hairdressersIn case you don’t mind the sporty appearance of these shoes, you should certainly add them on your wish list. Chicane is a famous footwear brand, but this model is especially interesting because it has won several awards. The basic purpose of Chicane Women’s Active Walking Shoes is to help people involved in traveling on foot and light hiking. However, wearers have confirmed that they can serve as very comfortable shoes for hairdressers too. This Chicane model comes with integrated arch and heel support and excellent fit. They have good grip on any surface thanks to the special rubber outsole design and they don’t leave any marks. In addition, this pair of shoes has mesh upper for better air flow.

Kivi Women’s Casual Slip On

shoes for hairstylists
Many stylists and cosmetologists prefer slip on shoes because lacing up shoes can be quite frustrating especially when you are walking around clients all the time. Kivi has designed the ideal pair of shoes for this category of professionals. First of all, we must mention the presence of the famous KuruSole which is here to correct and maintain proper posture. They are made in such way that provides excellent fit. On top of that, they are made from luxurious leather that allows extra breathability. Finally, the UltimateInSoles technology makes the foams to mold according to the shape of your feet. Overall, they are a great, affordable pair of cosmetology shoes.



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    are the steel toe inserts OSHA certified what is the ANIS # I am interested but don’t want to purchase if not OSHA certified


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      Sorry, we can’t give answer on your question.

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