5 Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma

If you sometimes feel like you are standing on a marble stone or folded sock, chances are high you have developed Morton’s Neuroma. It’s a painful condition arising as a result of thickening of the tissue surrounding the nerves leading to your toes. Let’s look at the most frequent symptoms and causes of Morton’s Neuroma, … Continue reading “5 Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma”

The Importance of a Boot Toe Protector

If you’re a hardworking man or woman with a physically demanding job, you know how vital good work boots are. Since you spend an equitable amount of time on your feet, a good pair of work boots not only protects your toes but also, protect you from exposed nails, slippery floors, electrical charges and critical … Continue reading “The Importance of a Boot Toe Protector”

Best Men’s Black Combat Boots

In the past, the only purpose for wearing boots was to keep the feet protected while providing certain level of comfort. After a while, people started to consider boots as part of their fashion statements. Modern boots are made of different materials, they include different features and have different designs. Military or combat boots are … Continue reading “Best Men’s Black Combat Boots”

Steel Shank: What is it and Why you should use it

Many times customers walk into shoes stores or even contact their shoe suppliers, knowing that they need to buy protective steel toe boots for work, featuring something called a steel shank. Normally, they have not the slightest idea what a steel shank is and that is very much understandable. However, knowing everything about these safe … Continue reading “Steel Shank: What is it and Why you should use it”

Tips for Waterproofing Leather Boots: Sprays and Creams

Leather is popularly used for clothes, jackets, accessories and shoes but as it’s rather expensive, it should be maintained well to increase it’s lifespan. Of the lot, it is your leather boots which is exposed most to the harsh outside elements and is prone to getting dampened by moisture to lose its overall durability. Is … Continue reading “Tips for Waterproofing Leather Boots: Sprays and Creams”