Womens steel toe tennis shoes – Keep your athletic look wherever you are

steel toe tennis shoes for womenWomen’s steel toe shoes are now a necessary part of the safety equipment in many factories and industrial sites. Their specific design makes them the best option when it comes to safety and protection requirements. Their features allow workers to respond fast on any type of danger. Even in situations when accidents or injuries cannot be avoided steel toe shoes can significantly reduce the damage on the feet. Women’s steel toe shoes are available in different shapes and look. Women who prefer sporty look even when they are at work prefer womens steel toe tennis shoes over all other types of steel toe shoes. Judging by the variety of models, there are a lot of women who love womens steel toe tennis shoes. If you are one those women who find these shoes attractive but don’t have time to do a research about the most popular steel toe tennis shoes for women we have made a short list for you.

3 steel toe tennis shoes for women worth buying

1. Nautilus Women’s Steel Toe Grey Tennis Shoe

womens steel toe tennis shoesThis steel toe work shoes are looking exactly like regular tennis shoes. With this pair of womens steel toe tennis shoes you can feel confident both at work and when you are out walking. In the first case you can expect perfect protection regardless of the environment where you work. They have highly durable slip and oil resistant outsole. This Nautilus model meets the ASTM standards too. Their durability is not made on expense of comfort because people who have this pair of shoes confirm that they are extra soft and very flexible. There is absolutely no reason to change this pair of shoes once you are finished working because they look as good as any other regular tennis shoe.

2. Puma Women’s Black-Purple Steel Toe Athletic Shoes

womens steel toe tennis shoesMany women are unaware of the fact that Puma has many safety shoes in their offer. This model is certainly one of the most popular ones. Puma Womens’ Black-Purple Steel Toe Athletic Shoes have all the latest Puma technologies in them so you can be sure that you will get enough support, comfort and safety. A lot of women think that they are regular tennis shoes when they look at them but make no mistake. These womens steel toe tennis shoes are made for intensive work. They can be used for months without losing their shape and functionality. They use special BreathActive technology incorporated in the lining which allows maximum air flow.

3. Blundstone Women’s Steel Toe Athletic Shoes

steel toe tennis shoes for womenSimple and elegant are the first things that people usually notice when they look at this Blundstone model of womens steel toe tennis shoes. The black color dominates their appearance and this is exactly why these shoes are good. You can match them with anything – from your work outfit to your casual weekend outfit. One of their best features is their high heat resistance (up to 140 degrees Celsius). They are also resistant to slipping, acid and oil too. Their ASTM certification extends to electrical hazards too.

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