Steel Toe Wellington Boots – Unique steel toe boots

Steel toe Wellington boots are probably their most popular type of footwear. People prefer wearing boots that are functional, protective and stylish. Of course, they are especially useful for people that wear them at their workplaces. Their amazing features can be tested in the best way in harsh environments. Wearing steel toe Wellington boots means that you have boots of great value on your feet.
It is not an exaggeration if we say that steel toe Wellington boots are one of the best boots on the market. These boots come in all sizes so even people wearing “unusual” size of boots can find a lot of different models. Besides that steel toe Wellington boots have many new footwear technologies implemented in them. Features like slip and oil resistance, meeting ASTM standards, extra cushioning are part of almost all steel toe Wellington boots. Whether you are a man or a woman you can be sure that there is a pair of steel toe Wellington boots that will suit your needs and preferences. We have come up with three popular models of these boots to help you make the right choice.

Top 3 Best models of steel toe Wellington boots

Dr. Martens Unisex Steel Toe Wellington Boots

steel toe Wellington bootsAs we have said before, there are models of steel toe Wellington boots for both men and women but what we didn’t mention is that there are unisex models too. This model from Dr. Martens is durable and provides high level of protection for the feet. What is unique about them is their special AirWave PVC air cushioned outsole. Besides being ASTM approved they also meet the EH (electrical hazard) requirements. They are basically work boots but since they have simple and stylish look they can be used literally anywhere. They are fat acid, alkali, petrol and oil resistant.

Georgia Boots Men’s Brown Muddog Steel Toe Wellington Boots

steel toe Wellington bootsYou can rarely find such a unique design among steel toe Wellington boots. The Western style is probably the first thing you will notice in these boots. But it is not just the style that makes them unique. They are waterproof and they have special Comfort Core Technology incorporated in them. This technology provides all day comfort and excellent breathability. They also come with 12 inch full grain leather uppers. They meet ASTM safety standards and they are resistant to oil, chemicals, heat and abrasions.

McRae Men’s Steel Toe Ruff Rider Wellington Boots

steel toe Wellington bootsThis cowboy-style boots have durable full grain leather uppers and pull tabs that help wearers pill their feet in and out very easily. The uppers also have PVC Storm Welt wraps which strengthen the construction. They also have polyurethane insoles which make the boots very soft. They are ASTM approved. These boots also have special outsoles that provide good traction thanks to the pattern. People that are using these boots say that they last for a very long time and that they are equally good for indoor and outdoor use.

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