Top Five Models of Steel Toe Logger Boots

Modern people know the importance of preserving the health of one of the most important parts of the human body – the feet. We’ve come a long way from simply not caring what we use as a foot wear. Today having a good high quality pair of shoes not only protects your feet from harm, but it also symbolizes that you are a person that takes good care of yourself and that you place a premium on how well you look and present yourself to the world. Welcome to the world of the steel toe logger boots. Since we praise these boots very highly, we’ve decided to make a top list of the best models on today’s market. Here it goes:

Carolina Boots: Men’s Steel Toe 1821 EH Logger Boots

steel toe logger bootsThe company Carolina has been present quite some time on the market by now and consequently knows how to design a high quality pair of boots. These particular steel toe logger boots feature an incredibly long lasting durability, rugged performance and high levels of comfort. They have a one-piece rubber lug outsoles which provide slip and oil resistance so that you may be stable in those conditions and in a variety of other environments as well. The steel safety toes are ASTM approved so rest assured that you will be safe against both impacts and falling objects and thus you’ll feel secure even in the most challenging of conditions. They are moisture resistant as well, so for maximal comfort and protection pick these boots as your primary foot wear.

Timberland PRO Rip Saw Waterproof Composite Toe Insulated Logger

steel toe logger bootsIf you’re the type that’s not going to quibble over a few more dollars well spent on high quality steel toe logger boots from a world renowned brand like Timberland – then these shoes are definitely for you! They’re packed with a 400g flame-laminated Thermolite“ insulation for work out in the cold and these steel toe logger boots have a Vibram oil, slip and abrasion resistant outsole with Ladder Lock outsole radius, cast metal hardware, abrasion-resistant waterproof leather uppers and many other important features that make them quite possibly the best type of boots you can find on the market, for a reasonable price. They have a premium waterproof conventional leather and an Ever-Guard leather with waterproof membrane for extreme abrasion resistance and dry feet. The good sides of these boots are practically never-ending.

AdTec 1740 Logger Boots 9’’ Steel Toe

steel toe logger bootsAnd on the third place, we have a special selection for you. These wonderful one of a kind boots boast a Kevlar-like protection for your feet. Plus their design is marvelous, if you look at it you may fall in love with it. It attracts people wherever you show up – you’re sure to be on everyone’s radar once you show up wearing these beauties. They are oil resistant and have a steel toe, which guarantees the safety of your feet in near any conditions. If you are into steel toe logger boots, then these are the ones you won’t regret buying, period.

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