How to Choose the Best Steel Toe Cowboy Boots?

History of steel toe cowboy boots

The first cowboy boots were designed according to the needs of the cowboys and their everyday duties. These boots were based on the boots worn by soldiers and they have their origins in the period of the American Civil War. At first, every local boot maker had his own design and way of production and there was a great difference between cowboy boots from city to city and state to state. Their popularity, especially in the Southern states and the Midwest (Texas, Oklahoma) encouraged several big boot makers to start a standardized production of these boots. They were made in a way that covered all the needs of the cowboys, farmers and ranch workers when it comes to footwear.

steel toe cowboy bootsOver the years several types of boots like these were introduced on the market and steel toe cowboy boots were certainly one of the most attractive ones. In fact, they are one of the most desired boots even today. These boots make people stand out from the crowd because of their special design. Of course, the first steel toe cowboy boots were focused on providing better durability and walking on different types of surface. Over time, as the process of their production evolved, it was not uncommon to see certain new elements added on them. The typical leather steel toe cowboy boots got variations of boots with different kind of stitching (color/pattern), other types of materials used for their creation including exotic materials etc.

Popularity of steel toe cowboy boots

steel toe cowboy bootsNowadays, steel toe cowboy boots are not worn only by cowboys. As a matter of fact, there are more non-cowboys that wear them. The reason behind their popularity is their interesting vintage appearance and the option to choose from boots with different colors and decorations. Just like 150 years ago, modern boots of this type are made of cow leather, but those who are ready to experiment with their look can find boots made of snake, elephant, buffalo and stingray leather. These materials will certainly make you original.

How to choose steel toe cowboy boots

steel toe cowboy bootsThose who are interested to purchase steel toe cowboy boots should keep in mind that these boots don’t provide the same feeling to your feet as other types of footwear. They are specific and finding the right size is probably the most important thing. They tend to expand after some period of time so make sure you find the proper size for you. If you are buying them from a store, feel free to ask the salesman about his opinion on the size of the boots you are interested in. The heel heights is another thing that you should take into consideration but this is probably the most common dilemma for women interested in these boots. As previously mentioned, the price of these boots can be very different, so it is better to have some amount of money that you are ready to spend on boots before you go to the store. Buying boots online is another option that can be very beneficial if you are able to find some discounts or special offers.
Buying steel toe cowboy boots is a great option for people that want to buy footwear that lasts and never loses its popularity.

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