Steel Toe Combat Boots

Almost every boot manufacturer today (especially those who are following trends) has steel toe combat boots in the offer. They are called combat boots because they are used by military personnel. But thanks to their great features there are more and more civilians that use these boots too. Of course, the main reason why steel toe combat boots are so appealing is the fact that they have strong steel caps in the front that can respond to every type of hazardous situation. But this is not the only reason why people check these boots first when they are looking for safety boots.

The benefits of wearing Steel Toe Combat Boots

steel toe combat bootsBesides being suitable for armed forces these boots are great for people working in the construction industry because they often have close encounters with falling and rolling objects in different size and shape and this is exactly where these boots can help.
Steel toe combat boots have exceptional durability. When it comes to this feature they are not better only when it comes to other boots but when we talk about other steel toe boots types too. So, don’t be surprised by the high price when you look for this type of boots. However, you should not avoid them because they can be viewed as long term investment. Steel toe combat boots last for years If they are properly maintained.
With steel toe combat boots you can be sure that your feet get the necessary support regardless of the period of time you spend wearing them or the terrain where the activities takes place.
Finally, steel toe combat boots can be worn everywhere because of their casual appearance.

Steel toe combat boots models

Bates Men’s Steel Toe Insulated Side-Zip Boots

steel toe combat bootsIf you choose this model of combat shoes you can be sure that you have the ideal protection on the field or at your work place. This model of Bates men’s steel toe boots will provide your feet protection, comfort and air flow during the whole day. The uppers are made from a combination of full grain leather and nylon in order to provide maximum durability. They come with oil and slip protection and they meet several ASTM standards. What is interesting about this boots is that they have laces and zippers too. This model of steel toe combat boots will certainly get the best of you.

Bates USMC Steel Toe Durashocks Hot Weather Boots

steel toe combat bootsThis is another model of Bates steel toe boots but this time we are presenting you a model that is specially designed to meet the challenges that hot weather brings. They have beautiful and trendy design and they are super comfortable. Bates has implemented their special Durashocks technology that keeps the feet cushioned no matter how intensive activities wearers perform. They meet several ASTM and USMC standards. Overall, this model looks beautiful and provides extra protection and comfort.
As you can see steel toe combat boots can be useful on different occasions and buying a pair of these boots is a great investment.

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