Best Logger Boots for Men

The logging industry exists for many decades and even though the conditions in which workers perform their duties have changed, this is still a very dangerous industry. This means that loggers must do everything they can to protect their health. Having a pair of special logger boots is always a good idea. Luckily, there is more than one good footwear brand on the market that produces this type of boots. As a matter of fact, many of them have several models of logger boots. Of course, you probably want to wear the best logger boots you can find because your safety should be above everything else. So, if you are looking for the best logger work boots, we have created a short list of three models that meet the highest standards.

Best Logger Boots for Men

Chippewa Men’s Waterproof Steel-Toe Super Logger Boots

chippewa boots super loggerChippewa Boots is one of the oldest footwear manufacturers in Wisconsin. This company was founded in 1901 and they have dozens of work boots and regular boots in their offer. This particular model was created for loggers who want the best from their boots. This is a steel-toe boot which is very important because falling of logs is something that happens quite often during this work. Chippewa boots super logger are made of supreme quality leather and they are waterproof which is another great advantage because loggers work outside on different weather conditions. This is also a boot with good insulation and a system that provides excellent air flow. It is good to highlight the fact that Chippewa Logger Boots provide true waterproofing and membrane that prevents sweating. In order to get better stability, designers have used lace-up approach. The insole which is by the way waterproof too is completely removable. The rubber outsole comes with a special pattern for easy and safe movement on any terrain. Needless to say, this boot is very attractive too.

Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest 200 Gram Work Boot

danner logging bootsThe first Danner boot was designed in 1932, so it is quite logical to expect good quality from this brand after so many years of work. Their Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest 200 Gram Work Boot model is a good example of their craftsmanship. Even though, Danner logging boots are praised for their quality, many people prefer them because they have a very attractive appearance. Take this model for example – it has modern and stylish appearance and excellent color-lace combination. It is made of full-grain black leather and comes with special vibram sole which allows wearers to feel comfortable all day long. Just like most logging boots, these boots are waterproof and insulated. It is also worth mentioning that they come with double-thick leather for extra durability. What makes them unique is that despite these amazing properties they are not very heavy.

White’s Hathorn Explorer Plain-Toe Calk Logger Boots

logger calk boots
White’s Boots is another brand with long history and besides logger boots they have many different types of work boots in their offer too. These logger calk boots provide an excellent value. The manufacturer has used high-quality materials in every part of the boot. It has 10-inch leather uppers which are relatively high for this type of boots, but it can definitely be quite useful for those involved in logging activities. The strength of these boots comes from the 9-Iron leather insole. In order to reduce the weight of the boots, the designers have used Vibram rubber midsole and leather heel base and to get good durability they have used Goodyear welt construction and leather shank. This is a boot that is definitely worth the investment.




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