5 Best Stiff Soled Shoes

Your feet undergo immense pressure every single day. When standing, your feet are subjected to carrying all of your body weight. When on rocky and rough terrain, your feet encounter and persevere effects of the harsh environment. This are some of the reasons as to why it is advisable to wear comfortable and purpose appropriate shoes at all times especially when in rocky and uneven environment.
rigid sole shoes
Rigid soled shoes are the type of shoes that are designed with a tough and hard outer sole. They are considered appropriate especially for backpacking and mountaineering.

It is important to note that different stiff sole shoes have different qualities depending on their intended use. Some are designed to keep your feet firm and in a steady position, for instance; mountaineering boots. Other rigid sole shoes are designed with a slightly flexible sole to maintain your comfort. A perfect example in this case is the back packing rigid sole boots. The flexibility is meant to enable your feet to wrap around rocks and tree roots when climbing.

5 Best Stiff Soled Shoes for Men and Women

La Sportiva Makalu Mens’ Mountaineering Boot

Amazon rating 4.9 out of 5
rigid sole shoesFeaturing a strong 100% leather exterior, this boot is durable. It is water repellent yet still breathable hence keeping the feet dry and comfortable. The rollerball hardware is designed with a steel roller ball eyelets as well as locking D-rings for stress-free tensioning of the laces. It is also designed with a suitable lining within that draws moisture away from your feet hence keeping you dry. The tough leather exterior matches the rigid sole hence guarantee that the shoe will endure years of abuse without caving in.

Scarpa Fuego Mountaineering Boot

Amazon rating 4.2 out of 5
shoes with stiff soles
This is a classic mountaineering boot that is designed with full leather exterior for style and durability. It is designed with a vibram rigid sole that adds to the durability and strength of the shoe. The double tongue design is meant to guarantee an excellent fit for the comfort of the wearer. The tall cuff structure is ideal for fire fighting as well. This stiff soled shoes has a reputation for great ankle support. Despite their tough exterior, these boots are light in weight hence added comfort.

KEEN Womens Venice H2 Sandal

Amazon rating 4.5 out of 5
stiff sole sandals
This is a perfectly comfortable rigid sole sports sandal specially designed for women. The external material is fabric which is ideal for breath-ability and comfort of the feet. The 1.25’’ heel on the rigid rubber sole facilitates comfort while making strides yet still maintains the firmness necessary to facilitate the durability of the shoe. The fabric breathable stretch straps bear waterproof nylon overlays as well as a rubber toe bumper to keep your toes safe. This pair of rigid sole sports sandal for women also features a bungee lacing system. Their strappy design facilitate breath ability of the feet hence comfort all day long. These sandals are of high quality hence the assurance that they will last long.

Keen Womens Targhee II Hiking Shoe

Amazon rating 4.3 out of 5
stiff soled shoe
This is a hiking pair of shoes with stiff soles for strength and durability. The upper exterior is made of a dry waterproof high quality leather membrane. It is designed with aggressive multi directional lugs for dependable traction, a cushioned collar and a breathable mesh tongue. The dry liner is meant to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout. It has a S3 heel support; shock, suspension and stability. The patented toe protection ensures that your toes stay protected against debris and rocky objects that may be present along your path.

Ahnu Womens SugarPine Hiking Boot

Amazon rating 4.5 out of 5
stiff soled boots
This is a hiking boot that is designed with a rubber stiff sole for comfort, stability and durability. The upper exterior is made of leather and textile. This facilitates breath-ability of the feet and a waterproof environment to keep your feet dry at all times. The 1-inch heel is comfortable for its intended purpose, hiking. The shaft measures 5.75inches from arch. The secure lace up vamp provide a comfortable fit and the cushy padded collar provides a comfortable bed in between. and the shaft. It is designed with a numentum technology for efficient and stable strides. It provides a neutral positioning system that is meant to encourage your feet natural bio-metrics. This further guides and centers your foot for an efficient, balanced and centered strides.




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