5 Best Shoes for Bunions

Suffering from bunions the most important thing in footwear selection is its ability to relieve discomfort and pain. Buying such shoes remember that overpronation can make the problem worse, while removable insoles, cushioned soles and wider toe box reduce stress and pressure on your bunions. The best shoes for bunions help to lessen the symptoms of bunions and are a great remedy for the condition. Besides, wearing suitable shoes one may minimize the pain caused by bunions, swelling of the bone and even heal the problem in the interim.

Advantages of Using Appropriate Bunions Footwear

Consultinga doctor you will probably hear that good shoes for bunions can improve the condition in different ways:

  1. Relieving pain and reducing the symptoms of bunions.
  2. Right, well-fitting bunion shoes will not aggravate the condition, but improve it preventing further complications.
  3. Getting rid of discomfort and pain that appears with bunions.
  4. Reducing pressure in the feet.

What Makes Bunion Sandals Perfect?

There is a list of important factors that add to the comfort and pain relieving effect of shoes for bunions. Knowing what is important in comfortable footwear you will be able to choose the best shoes for your feet:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Flexibility
  • Quality materials
  • Correct traction
  • Width

Top 5 Shoes for Bunions

This list of the most popular and wide spread boots, sneakers and sandals for bunions will help you to make a correct decision:

  1. Orthofeet Springfield Soft Fashion Mary Janes

    Orthofeet-Springfield-Soft-Fashion-Mary-JanesThis is a great choice for those who suffer from bunions or swollen feet. The elastic leather upper contours your feet and helps you relax and feel comfortable while walking. Extra cushioned padding and stitch free design provide extra protection to your feet. In general, these shoes are comfortable, lightweight and highly-protective.

  2. Skechers Premium Sneaker

    Skechers-Premium-SneakerSkechers Premium Sneaker is a popular brand providing bunions conscious footwear. The shoes are 3-in-1: stylish, comfortable and safe. If you are looking for bunion protective shoes, then this is the perfect variant for you. Natural leather upper, cushioned padding, rubber sole and soft collars make this Sketchers model perfect for people with bunions.

  3. Naot Women’s Matai Mary Jane Flat

    Naot-Womens-Matai-Mary-Jane-FlatThis shoe is rather stylish and available in a variety of styles, colors and patterns. Leather upper and padded collar provide you with the necessary flexibility and comfort. The footbed has an absorbing effect which is another advantage of this type of shoes. The extra space in the toe box enables toe movement without rubbing. These shoes proved to be stylish, extremely comfortable and safe.

  4. Birkenstock London Clog

    diabetic shoesThis shoes are commonly used by people with bunions. The popularity of this footwear was gained due to the high comfort and width it provides. These factors reduce painful feelings from bunions and make walking a pleasure. Natural leather upper, soft collar and padded sole add to the overall comfort. Moreover, Birkenstock London Clog is well-known as one of the best shoes for bunions that “breathe”. This item is recommended for those having a desire to purchase fashionable, comfortable and supportive shoes for bunions.

  5. Dansko Women’s Professional Tooled Clog

    Dansko-Womens-Professional-Tooled-ClogDansko Professional Tooled Clog is the last, but not the least item in our list. Spacious toe box, natural leather upper and special sole make the shoes perfect for people suffering from bunions. With these shoes you can forget about discomfort when walking or standing, as it offers enough room for toes, heels and feet in general. Dansko Professional Tooled Clog is suitable for those who want to get safe, comfortable, flexible and supporting shoes.


Choosing the best and most comfortable shoes for bunions don’t forget to take into account the above mentioned recommendations and have a closer look at the list of most suitable footwear for bunion sufferers. Just remember, the problem lies in the shoes you wear, so be quite reasonable when choosing them either for work or everyday use.


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