5 Best Diabetic Shoes for Women

Diabetic shoes are therapeutic footwear that prevents skin breakdowns in people suffering from various foot diseases. A shoe cannot improve the situation, but it can warn possible complications and prevent a person from further development of the disease. In spite of their useful impact the diabetic shoes may have on feet, sometimes they may hurt, changing the shape of the foot. The thing everyone who wants to buy diabetic footwear must do is consult a physician and follow his/her instructions. So, choosing diabetic shoes women must be extremely attentive, as they need safe and comfortable footwear. Otherwise, they will suffer from constant foot injuries, infections, ulcers and have swollen feet.

The fact of being diabetic doesn’t mean that only a few items are available for you on the store shelves. A wide range of comfortable and, at the same time, stylish women’s diabetic shoes are offered by different brands. In addition, various types of diabetic shoes are offered depending on the occasion of their use. There are walking shoes, dress footwear, boots and work shoes to allow living an active, full and bright life. A lot of brands selling diabetic shoes were approved by Medical Care. Among the most recommended are New Balance, Orthofeet, Drew and many others. Now people with diabetes have an opportunity to choose from various kinds of footwear brands, styles and colors.

4 Tips for Choosing Diabetic Shoes for Women

Though the choice of women’s diabetic shoes is rather wide, there are some hints how to choose the most suitable and comfortable pair.

  1. Consult your doctor. See a physician who will examine your feet and see whether you are currently suffering from this condition or not.
  2. Measure your feet or ask a specialist to do that. There is a stereotype that adults have the same foot size all their life, but that is not true. The foot size may change with years, so measure your feet to be sure you will buy a perfectly fitting pair.
  3. Go shopping for diabetic footwear in the evening. Women suffering from diabetes usually get swollen feet at the end of the day, so it is better to buy a new pair of shoes right at that moment. During that time you are most likely to choose suitable footwear. Do not forget to try it on with the socks you are planning to wear.
  4. To avoid blisters emergence, break in the new shoes slowly. Start wearing them from half an hour and gradually extend that time.

Criteria of the Best Diabetic Footwear for Women Selection

There are a few main factors that can add to the comfort of your feet, reduce, prevent the diabetes symptoms or make your life unbearable. Following a simple instruction you will be able to make your life easier, more comfortable and painless. Selecting the shoes for diabetic women be aware of:

  • Wide and round toe box
  • Soft leather
  • Cushioned sole

Best Diabetic Shoes for Women

According to the above mentioned tips and instructions we have created a small list of the most comfortable and popular shoes for women suffering from diabetes.

  1. New Balance Women’s WW928 Walking Shoe

    New Balance Women WW928 Walking ShoeThe footwear is a perfect choice for long walks and it will provide you with comfort and motion control. The synthetic upper part of the shoe is very comfortable and lightweight. Cushioned sole guarantees durability, while other orthopedic components add to the general comfort. Support and motion control are also offered in this type of diabetic women’s shoes.

  2. Propet Balance Bar Walker

    Propet Balance Bar WalkerThe main advantage of these shoes is their breathability. The leather upper and mesh lining allow the best shoe ventilation. Precise fit is guaranteed by cushioned insoles that may be easily removed. These shoes are perfect for walking as they are equipped with internal heel counters that provide shoe stability. Washable and waterproof shoe top is its another pro.

  3. Drew Flare Walking Shoe

    Drew-Flare-Walking-ShoeThe comfort of these shoes cannot be compared to any other type. Though the item has some drawbacks, perfect design provides a user with top-notch confidence and stability. The footwear offers you two removable footbeds, padded heel collar and lace up front side that serves as an extra plus to the orthopedic effect it has. The leather upper and stylish design will make your casual look fascinating and provide lots of comfort for your feet.

  4. Dr. Comfort Women’s Black Diabetic Extra Depth Lightweight Velcro Shoe

    Dr-Comfort-Womens-Black-Diabetic-Extra-Depth-Lightweight-Velcro-ShoeThese shoes have the best built-in ventilation system. Extra depth space helps your feet breathe and leather upper offers you more comfort. This kind of diabetic shoes for women has also lightweight soles, padded collar and protective toe box that will protect your feet from injuries.

  5. Aravon Farren Walking Shoes

    Aravon-Farren-Walking-ShoesThis type offers you a great level of comfort and one of the best designs. Leather upper helps your feet breathe while padded collar help the sensitive areas of your feet keep safe and sound. The shoes are also recommended by Medicare.


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