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Best Shoes for Zumba Workout

Discover the Best Shoes for Zumba Zumba is a wildly popular form of workout dance created by Alberto “Beto” Perez. It combines different elements of Latin dance and has gathered a large international appeal and following since it was introduced to

Best Chef Shoes for Men and Women

Must-Have Properties of Kitchen Shoes If you are a chef then you definitely understand that your productivity and comfort at work are largely influenced by your footwear. You can’t afford to wear the wrong shoes because that will not only make
mortons neuroma

5 Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma

If you sometimes feel like you are standing on a marble stone or folded sock, chances are high you have developed Morton’s Neuroma. It’s a painful condition arising as a result of thickening of the tissue surrounding the nerves leading to
Metatarsalgia shoes

Best Metatarsalgia Shoes And Insoles Review

Metatarsalgia: What is It? The metatarsal area (the ball of the foot), is a collection of forefoot bones that connect to the toes. The human foot has a protective pad of fat at this point to cushion and absorb shock between
Aravon Womens Maya Pump

5 Best Shoes for Retail Workers

The job of a retail worker is unique in its own way. You have to be on your feet for extended periods and not just standing, walking around too. While at it, you must be pleasant and friendly to customers and
comfortable teacher shoes

10 Best Shoes for Teachers

Best Comfortable Shoes for Teachers Did you know that as a teacher, you can expect to stand for at least 2,400 hours during the school year? That’s the same thing as standing for 100 days non-stop! This will surely take some
stiff soled shoe

5 Best Stiff Soled Shoes

Your feet undergo immense pressure every single day. When standing, your feet are subjected to carrying all of your body weight. When on rocky and rough terrain, your feet encounter and persevere effects of the harsh environment. This are some of
boot toe protector

The Importance of a Boot Toe Protector

If you’re a hardworking man or woman with a physically demanding job, you know how vital good work boots are. Since you spend an equitable amount of time on your feet, a good pair of work boots not only protects your
army boots cheap

Best Men’s Black Combat Boots

In the past, the only purpose for wearing boots was to keep the feet protected while providing certain level of comfort. After a while, people started to consider boots as part of their fashion statements. Modern boots are made of different
steel shank boots

Steel Shank: What is it and Why you should use it

Many times customers walk into shoes stores or even contact their shoe suppliers, knowing that they need to buy protective steel toe boots for work, featuring something called a steel shank. Normally, they have not the slightest idea what a steel